Raana Farnoud

Raana Farnoud
Raana Farnoud, Born in 1953, Iran, with an Art diploma from the Tehran School of Art and a B.A. in English. She belongs to a generation of artists who matured during the hard and ever changing era of revolution of Iran, during this time art was being overlooked in the shadow of war and economic problems, but Farnoud and her colleagues never lost their hope and kept working to keep the light on for the next generation and so they did. Farnoud is one of most respected female painters of Iran, her unique style of painting does not communicate easily with the viewer and challenges reality as it’s normally seen and understood.
The artist has participated in 'The World Viewed' group project in IGREG ART STUDIO.

  • BA in English, Tehran School of Translation, Tehran, Iran
  • Diploma in painting, Girl’s School of Fine Arts, Tehran, Iran

  • 2014, “In the Abyss Who Shall Give Thee Thanks?”, “Etemad” Gallery, Tehran, Iran
  • 2008, “Etemad” Gallery, Tehran, Iran
  • 2003, “Golestan” Gallery, Tehran, Iran
  • 2000, “Aria” Gallery, Tehran, Iran
  • 2000-2001, “Le Rayon Vert” Gallery, Nantes, France

  • 2015, “The World Viewed”, “IGREG ART STUDIO”, Tehran, Iran
  • 2011, “Art Dubai”, Dubai, UAE
  • 2008, “Khak” Gallery, Tehran, Iran
  • 2007, “Art London”, London, England
  • 2003 “Contemporary Iranian Art”, Italian School of Tehran, Tehran, Iran
  • 2001-2003, “A Breeze from the Gardens of Persia, New Art from Iran”, “Meridian International Center”, Washington DC, New York, Belleville Illinois, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Texas, Florida, USA
  • 2000, “International Art Expo”, New York, USA
  • 2000, “Yahia” Gallery, Tunis, Tunisia
  • 1997, “9th Triennial of Lalit Kala Academy”, New Delhi, India
  • 1997, “China Art Expo”, Peking, China
  • 1997, “La Maison de I’Iran”, Paris, France
  • 1995 University of Creteil, Paris, France
  • 1990 “Afrand” Gallery, Tehran, Iran
  • 1990 “Seyhoun” Gallery, Tehran, Iran
  • 1990 “Tehran” Museum of Contemporary Art, Tehran, Iran
  • 1989 “Tehran” Museum of Contemporary Art, Tehran, Iran
  • 1989, “Seyhoun” Gallery, Tehran, Iran

  • Member of “Dena Painting Group”
  • AIP Association of Iranian Painters

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