Kourush Adim

Kourush Adim
Born in 1971; Kourosh Adim has a BS in biology and has been active in the world of photography art since 1983. Adim is a distinguished, well respected photographer and lecturer, both in Iran and around the world. His works have been on display in many group and solo exhibitions. In 2011 Adim founded HASTMAG, an online photography magazine, focused on establishing proper means for transmitting information in the field of Photography and Thought.
The artist has participated in 'The World Viewed' group project in IGREG ART STUDIO.

Selected  Exhibitions


  • June 2015,  The life Bifore Us Group Photo Exhibition, Goharzad Art Gallery. Sari, Iran
  • December 2014, Oculus Group Exhibition, Mehrva Gallery. Tehran, Iran
  • December 2013, By Iranian Contemporary Photographers, Pardis Mellat Gallery. Tehran,Iran
  • October 2012, La 3 eme edition de Dream city Tunisie, Tunis, Tunisia.
  • June  2012, Saba Photo: Artworks of Iranian Photographers, Saba Cultural & Artistic Institute. Tehran, Iran
  • June  2012, Modern and contemporary Iranian Art, Tehran Auction
  • June 2011, Mesopotamia, Solo Exhibition, Homa Gallery.  Tehran, Iran
  • January 2010, AKSIEH: The first Exhibition of Iranian History of Photography Research Group, Laleh  Gallery. Tehran, Iran
  • November 2009 , Photographic Exhibition titled:,Voice of vision, Speos gallery, Paris, France –
  • November 2009, , Photographic Exhibition titled: Chroniques Orientales, HSBC galley, Paris, France –
  • September 2007, Exhibition titled: Manifestations of contemporary art in Iran, museum of contemporary art, Tehran, Iran –
  • May 2007, Iran art festival, Zaandam, The Netherlands
  • January 2007,Cornell University Arts Museum, N.Y., USA
  • October 2007, Michigan University Art Museum, ,Michigan, USA
  • 20 Jan, 2006, Individual type Zangar Gallery, Tehran, Iran
  • January 2006, Arts Academy, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
  • April 2006, Arts Museum, Miami, OH, USA
  • April 2006, Maryland Arts Gallery, Maryland, MD,USA
  • August 2006, Arizona University, Arizona,AZ,USA
  • November 2006, Chicago Cultural Center, Chicago, Illinois, USA
  • October 2005, Micolaysen in Museum, WY State, USA
  • December 2004, Photographic exhibition in the European Union Exhibition Hall, Brussels, Belgium
  • November 2004, Photographic Exhibition titled: “A look to Iranian women “, Brussels, Belgium
  • November 2004, Paris Photo Exhibition, Paris, France
  • February 2004, Photographic Exhibition in Kulturhuset, Stockholm, Sweden
  • November 2003, Photographic Exhibition in Museum of Modern Art, Oxford, UK
  • July 2003, Photographic Exhibition in Bluecoat Gallery, Liverpool, UK
  • February 2003, Photographic Exhibition in Catherine Nash Gallery, Minneapolis, USA
  • February 2003, Photographic Exhibition in the Tart Museum, UK
  • December 2002, Photographic Exhibition in Melina Mercury Gallery, Nicosia, Cypress
  • November 2002, Photographic Exhibition in the Pictures Museum, Thessalonica, Greece
  • 2002,Photographic Exhibition in Edinburgh’s hundred and fortieth International Exhibition
  • 2001, Photographic Exhibition titled “Regards Persians” in Electra Museum, Paris, France
  • 1997, Photographic Exhibition in the Fifth Polish Triennial Art Exhibition, Madjanka, Poland

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