About Us


At IGREG ART STUDIO, we strive to provide cultural education both to the masses and the elite, in order to further elevate the collective taste and appreciation for art.

The gallery aims towards promoting and representing a kind of art, which is being widely neglected in the visual arts area of Iran’s contemporary art scene. The gallery has been active in presenting works of talented young Iranian artists, especially female artists. It has been highly regarded for its success in achieving and practicing its mission as well as educating and helping young artists.

In this journey, we base our policy on trust between the gallery and the artists. We are not competing with the artists. Our main purpose is to help the artists find a safe haven to present their creations, a platform that might not be available elsewhere.

This year, the gallery has initiated a new and holistic method in presenting art. “The World Viewed” is a series of exhibitions to represent photographers and painters. These exhibitions will be accompanied by analytic panels to discuss the artworks and not just the artworks, but the personal development of the artists, in order to be able to look at the world through the eyes of the artists. By the end of the year, we will publish a “Book of The Year”.

To exercise and implement our primary mission on promoting and educating young artists, we have introduced “Igreg Art Agency”.  which will continue to promote and support young Iranian artists while “The World Viewed” series and other exhibitions continue to exhibit works of combination selected established and some of the young artists.

Our education platform, also known as Igreg Prim, specializes in workshops and classes. Its current focus cinema, with the help of experts in the field and their presence as tutors and lecturers, we have managed to establish flow of creative dialogues in the sessions. This is giving the participants the chance to look at the content from fresh perspectives without the limitations often imposed in similar sessions, such as censorship.


Lili Vakilian

Founder / Director

Arash Momtaz

Internal Manager

Navid Arab

Gallery Coordinator

Mansour Khazraei Manesh

Development and Investment Advisor

Negar Bagheri

Course Coordinator


Art Gallery
  • Throwing exhibitions for emerging and established artists as well as showing seasonal collections . The gallery section does also handle the attendance for international art fairs and secondary market sales.
  • Cinema and literature courses are handled by this section, along with applied art workshops. The courses are conducted in cooperation with esteemed local and international tutors in their respective fields.
  • The studio is a space for experimental artists associated with the organization to produce artworks, as well as a platform for domestic and international artist residencies.
  • A space for the constant exhibition of the artwork owned by IGREG ART STUDIO as well as new collections that do not require openings.
  • This department takes care of artist representation activities. This service is quite exclusive in the region and the most of the continent.
Design Studio
  • With the help of an ensemble of well-versed designers in the local and international scene, this section provides design services both to the organization and third – party affiliates.

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